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The pros of purchasing Fair Trade coffee. 

 How purchasing Fair Trade benefits you, others, and the environment! 


fair trade coffee

Coffee IS the second most popular beverage after water, shockingly, it's also the second top selling product in the world after oil. This is why it's important that the coffee you purchase is Fair Trade. 

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What is fair trade and who participates in it?

Fair Trade coffee is coffee that is ethically sourced and traded. The coffee buyer and the coffee grower both are involved in the fair trade process. 


What are the health benefits of fair trade?

Health Benefits

  • Farm chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides were determined by various studies to cause cancer and damages to the reproductive and nervous systems. Conventional or traditional plants grown using these methods pass the chemicals in the body and deposits them in body fats.
  • Certified Fair Trade coffee ensures that your coffee is organic and that it contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the body for several health benefits such protection from cell damages and boosting the immune system. 


What are the environmental benefits?

Environmental Benefits

  • Unlike conventional coffee, Fair Trade coffee does not promote deforestation. In fact, it aids in the conservation of wildlife, birds, vegetation, and the prevention of soil erosion and diseases. 


What are the benefits to small coffee farmers?

 Farmer Benefits

  • Farmers who produce certified Fair Trade organic coffee are guaranteed a higher pay rate to employees.
  • Organic arabica coffee beans (including the soil where it is grown) that is free from residues, chemicals and artificial fertilizers are certified three times to guarantee high quality to consumers. 


Purchasing Fair Trade coffee is something that benefits you and the small coffee farmers.

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